pH regulation

Chemicals lowering and raising the pH of pool water.

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    Description Highly concentrated liquid agent for lowering the pH of the pool water. Without hydrochloric acid, which does not cause corrosion. Contains sulfuric acid - 50%

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    Description:Liquidagent forlowering the pH ofthe waterin the pool. Use depending on the desired pH value (in the range from 7.0 to 7.4) and the type of chlorine. Mixing or diluting agent is not necessary, can be dispensed directly from the container. Very efficient and easy to use product.

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    Description:It is used to lower the pH in the pool water- from the alkaline to the ideal range of 7.0-7.4.Does not contain chlorides. Granulated, can be the stored for many years. Especially suitable for manual dosing (for private swimming pools)

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    Description:Highly concentrated liquid agent for increasing the pH of the water in the pool. The agent should be used depending on the desired pH of 7.0-7.4. This product is very efficient and easy to use. While the filter  is working, dose in small portions into the water in various places. The dose of approx. 10 ml per 1m3 of water. Wear gloves and...

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    pH PLUS granulate powder to adjust the pH of the pool water, raises the pH level in the pool water with the acid (less than 7.0), to the ideal value (7.0 -7.4), a strong alkaline substance, which can be the stored for many years. Especially suitable for manual dosing (for private swimming pools, jacuzzi).

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Technical service

BASSAU company offers services related to post-warranty service of pool equipment in public and private facilities.

This initiative was created to meet the expectations related to the service of your facilities and equipment responsible for water quality as well as other equipment necessary for the proper operation of the facility.

We guarantee the highest quality of service, we provide professional and reliable service focused primarily on repair and maintenance of equipment, not their replacement.

In our offer you will find, among others repair and maintenance services for ventilation systems, pumps, cleaning machines, vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, actuators, turnstiles, filters, thermostats, dryers.


We are proud to announce that our two products Concentrate for sauna and Chlor-Stab sodium hypochlorite stabilized have received the prestigious title and title PRODUCT FOR MEDAL 2013. Our products have been recognized for their high quality and exceptional advantages.