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Fragrance dispenser to steam bath KFD


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The scent is dispensed directly to the pipe that supplies the steam.
Set "KFD AromaFresh ™ STEAM" contains a thermostat which switches the pump automatically when the pipe  warms up to the desired temperature. The temperature of activation of the pump is controlled in the range of 0 - 90 ° C, it is usually 70-80 ° C. In case when the temperature drops below this limit, the pump goes into standby mode, switched on LED indicates too low temprature ("low heat").

Pump control is done using two knobs that control the efficiency of the pump, working  time and the length of pauses. This switch allows you to select between modes: automatic, off  and manual.

KFD fragrance dispenser AromaFresh ™ is mainly used in public facilities such as spas, fitness centers, swimming pools, hotels, saunas, steam baths, but can also be used in private steam rooms and saunas.

Benefits of using AromaFresh ™:
- essence saving by avoiding unnecessary fragrance odor emissions in "cold" periods (eg. start-up or standby mode)
avoid excessive odor intensity by the fact that during the "cold" periods , the emission of the fragrance is paused
- prevent the deposition of a viscous liquid inside the pipe that delivers steam especially during the cold periods.


Installation is very simple. The thermostat is mounted to the supplying steam pipe and connect to the socket.

This product is designed and manufactured in the EU.

high  quality of thermostat
easy and fast to install "plug and play"
voltage 24V
possibility of setting a temperature of 0 ° - 90 ° C; the recommended temperature. 70-80 ° C.
CE certificate

thermostat with housing
cable 450 x 8.9 mm
plug for connection to the pump thermostat with a pipe - 2m

85 x 58 x 34 mm (L. x W. x H.) (Height with knob 48 mm)