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Peeling salt for sauna and shower


Visiting  sauna where the peeling salt is was used is something gives you even more positive sensations.
This product is based on natural sea salt and contains perfume oil. 

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Salt peeling based on sweet almond oil gently removes dead skin cells. Leaves skin smoothness, moisturizes and nourishes. Due to the effect of peeling dead skin cells are removed in a natural way. Skin is  cleansed and can breathe. In effect, the whole process improves your mood.


In the sauna or while taking shower, rub the pure salt micture into moist skin. 
After a few minutes rinse thoroughly.
Advantages of our products:
- Skin care and its purification
- Activation of the biological function of the skin
- That lifeless and gentle removal of peeling epidermis.
- Refreshing
- Prevents allergies through the high content of minerals from the sea.
In our offer we have three types of salt peeling: powdery, fine grained, coarse-grained. In addition, each of them is available in scents:
Sandalwood, eucalyptus, Japanese mint, menthol, Spruce, orchid, cedar, Grapefruit, Green Tea, Mango, Mandarin orange, peppermint, bamboo, alpine herbs, flower peach, Kosodrevina, green apple, lemon grass, passion fruit, Mharadża.