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pH plus granulat


pH PLUS granulate powder to adjust the pH of the pool water, raises the pH level in the pool water with the acid (less than 7.0), to the ideal value (7.0 -7.4), a strong alkaline substance, which can be the stored for many years. Especially suitable for manual dosing (for private swimming pools, jacuzzi).

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How to use:

The dosing amount depends on the difference in pH and the water hardness. (1 kg of pH-plus is usually enough to increase the rate of 0.2 pH in pool size of 100 m2). Add small portions after dissolving the powder in the water. Pour into the pool in many places.

The dosage should be divided into several times after each dose, and after mixing, measure the pH value to avoid overdose. Overdose can lead to water turbidity and deposition of calcium on the bottom, and as a consequence to replace the water.

safety advice:

Please follow the instructions and information contained on the label!

Product never mix with other chemicals.

Empty and washed containers are recyclable.

Available capacity:

1kg, 5kg