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pH minus granulat



It is used to lower the pH in the pool water- from the alkaline to the ideal range of 7.0-7.4.

Does not contain chlorides. Granulated, can be the stored for many years. Especially suitable for manual dosing (for private swimming pools)

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How to use:

1.5 kg pH minus granulate is sufficient to lower the pH of approx. 0.2 in the pool water (size of 100 m3) . Hard water requires a higher dose – soft water less.

Dosage carried out in smaller portions (as a solution in water) at various locations poured into the pool. Periodically check the pH value. Do not fill near the metal parts. Always keep the containers closed.

Note! in the solution it is caustic.

Well rinsed package is recyclable.

Available capacity:

1.5 kg, 5 kg