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Chlor tab 200 g


For constant disinfection of swimming pool water.

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The stabilized, chlorinating tablets (200 g) with an active chlorine content of about 90% each.
- very slowly soluble
-  suitable for very hard water pool
- used to stabilize the content of chlorine especially in the effect of sun and temperature.

How to use:

Tablets 200g: 1 tablet is enough for about 30 m3 of pool water. Dispense every 8-14 days.

While using, check and eventually correct the pH of pool water to a pH in the range 7.0 - 7.4. It is recommended that the content of free chlorine in the pool basin was maintained at 0.6 mg / l. (Measurement possible with a tester or photometer - available in accessories)

The tablets should be dispensed by inserting them into the dosing float or skimmer.

Do not dispose of the tablets directly to the pools of plastic or foil lining! – Danger of  decolourizing. The value of the chlorine and pH (7.0-7.4) Should be checked weekly.

Available capacity:

1kg, 5kg