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Pool Start-Up Chemical Kit


Set of pool chemicals, that quickly and without trouble let you prepare your pool to the new season. The attached guide "ABC Basin" will tell you what to do step by step, to fully enjoy the pleasure of swimming in the crystal clear water.

The kit includes:

   1. 1 kg Chemochlor T granulat 65
   2. 0,5 kg pH plus granulat
0,7 kg pH minus
   4. 1l Algen
   5. photometer
   6. ABC Basin

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Chemochlor T 65 solid chlorine preparation (56% chlorine) in the form of granules for fast, shock pool water disinfection. It is used to eliminate bacteria, algae and microorganisms in the pool, which allows swimming in a very short time after disinfection.


The substance is used in both the first filling the pool, as well as when the chlorine level is too low, the water has been neglected (the pool walls are slippy, the water becomes turbid and changes color, form algae)

ALGEN is used for prevention against the invasion of algae. Regular dosage prevent the growth of algae. Dusting and downpours accelerate the growth of algae. In such circumstances it is desirable to double the dosage.

pH PLUS granulate powder to adjust the pH of the pool water, raises the pH level in the pool water with the acid (less than 7.0), to the ideal value (7.0 -7.4), a strong alkaline substance, which can be the stored for many years. Especially suitable for manual dosing (for private swimming pools, jacuzzi)

Granules MINUS pH lowers pH in swimming pool water, with the alkaline value (above 7.6) to the ideal level (7.0-7.4) can be stored a long time especially suitable for manual dosing (for private swimming pools, jacuzzi, bathtubs SPA) does not contain chloride.

Photometer - pool water tester is used to measure the pH level and chlorine content in the water.