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Fliser Citro


For clearing the sanitary facilities

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Acidic, liquid concentrate. Does not destruct the surface. Used for all the sanitary facilities. It dissolves the limestone cover, residual fat and general pollution.
It has a high content of active cleaning agents and pleasant fresh smell. It cleans perfectly, dissolves and removes the strongest residues.
Fliser Citro is particularly smooth and free from hydrochloric acid.


This product should only be used for its intended purpose.
For cleaning around the toilet and shower dilute  with water at the ratio 1:40 (0.25 L to 10L) to 1:10 (1 L to 10L), depending on the degree of contamination. Then apply on the particular place with a scrub brush. Leave the solution for at least 5 minutes. When there are some stubborn stains, use hot water to enhance the cleaning effect. For cleaning the fixtures use the concentrate 1: 100 and wipe it dry.


- Contains isopropanol and citric acid
- Not dangerous product according to the ADR